Psychic Julia

As a 10th generation of powerful Toronto psychic readers I invite you to read below about all my psychic readings in detail. I hope this will better introduce my full range of readings that I also provide in Toronto as well.

Crystal ball


A crystal ball reading focuses entirely on someone’s future up to 15 years ahead. I will tell you as much as possible about everything important that is going to happen. You can then prepare for any successes or setbacks that can have a powerful influence on your future. Whatever can be told, I can see it in my crystal ball.


Tarot cards


Tarot cards reading is a reading of your past, present and future life. I am using these types of readings to present people with potential outcomes of certain events that happened in the past and present life. I also accurately reveal the influence of future events on someone’s life.


Palm reading


Show me your hand and you will be surprised at how much it says about you. A palm reading is a personal reading that gives you a powerful indicator into your character and personality. It truly gives you a powerful insight into who you really are and how you react to different things and emotions in life.


Full life reading concept


The primary function of full life psychic reading is to focus on someone’s life in general. Whether it is marriage, friendship, love or any other type of relationship - it will all be revealed. Give yourself a gift of knowing the events that shape your past, present life and future. Let my guide you on your lifelong journey.


Love reading heart


My love readings are focused on the energy of love that flows between people in various relationships. I reveal to people ahead of time what is going to happen in their marriages or other types of relationships that they might be part of. See me to either strengthen or possibly rescue your relations with the other person.


Chakras scheme


Chakra balancing is a very in-depth cleansing process for the mind, body and soul. Discover your spiritual energy flow and how it can be improved to make a visible difference in your life for the better. I use all sorts of crystals and oils to help you on the journey of mind and body healing. Some people may need up to ten sessions.